Westminster Abbey and Her Marshals

I was at Westminster Abbey today. You can’t take pictures inside the abbey, but two of the lovely marshals, John and Peter, let me take their photograph by the West Door.


John and Peter, Abbey Marshals

The marshals are a friendly bunch. I haven’t guided the abbey for a while, and inside I enjoyed catching up with some old friends. I didn’t see the lovely Ben, alas. Ben is the verger who became famous around the globe last year when footage of him cartwheeling down the nave after William’s marriage to Kate Middleton was published. He’s a font of dreadful jokes. The choirboys pass him their old joke books when they have finished with them. Continue reading


Minster Court

Over in the City of London, aka The Square Mile, Minster Court may sound like a religious building and look like one designed by someone on mind-expanding drugs, but it gets its name from the two streets that boundry it; Mincing Lane and Dunster Court.

Minster Court

People Make Places


Several years ago I was holidaying in Greece. Walking through a valley one day, I fell into conversation with a woman on the same holiday. She asked where I lived. “That’s where I grew up!” she exclaimed.

The next time I did the Walworth Walk she came on it. On the site where her house once stood is Walworth City Garden Farm, a one acre oasis of greenery and hope.

Walworth City Garden Farm

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The Walworth Walk

I’m dusting the pollen off my notes ready for the next outing of the Walworth Walk, or if you are looking at the current London Walks programme, Nook and Crannies in Charlie Chaplin’s London.

It starts at 10.45 on Sunday 3rd June from outside Kennington tube station.

Kennington Tube station

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