Open Studios

Clements Yard

Last night was the preview of the Open Studios. I went by to see old friends and leave flyers for some of my walks.

Starting in Iliffe Yard, I was confused to find Kate Scott’s studio being used by other people. I had been hoping to get some more plates and mugs, and maybe replace the bowl I broke last year.

Being an artist is a fairly precarious existence, and for a ghastly few moments, I thought Kate had packed up her kiln and sought other employment.

Fortunately Barbara Wakefield, whose studio is also in Iliffe Yard, was able to enlighten me. Kate has been commissioned by Conran, so she is a bit busy this summer. Barbara, who has a show in Mayfair coming up in September, makes heart-breakingly delicate ceramics. I rummaged in her bargain box, bought a plate, and resisted these darling little hearts, just £5 each.

Heart, Barbara Wakefield

In Clements Yard, I stopped to gaze at the bike shop. I don’t need a bike, but Richard will make you one from scratch, or recycle parts of other bikes to your wishes.

Clements Yard Bikes

Carol Mather’s work is intricate and exquisite. She is a silversmith and a great animal lover, so unsurprisingly animals, particularly dogs, feature in most of her work.

Carol Mather

Upstairs, Victoria Smith, kindly offered me a Pimms. It would have been churlish to refuse. She specialises in jewelry, but if I had the room, I would buy this large piece, a very reasonable £500.

Victoria Smith

If you are looking for Victoria, ask for Helen. I know, it’s confusing.

I didn’t take any photos in Peacock Yard, but drank in the gorgeous designs at the Atelier, where you can buy bespoke outfits at high street prices, and promised my empties to the lovely Jam Jar Flowers.

If you don’t know where the studios are, come on my walk tomorrow (see previous post) and I’ll take you there afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Open Studios

    • Go and see her stuff. You won’t be disappointed. and it is much cheaper to buy from her directly! Could you say you heard about her from me please?

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