Parade of Shops, Manor Place SE17

Nice Brickwork

Nice brickwork huh? Quite fancy. The sort of thing I’d like on my house. You may recognise it if you have been on my Walworth walk as it is a building I draw people’s attention to. In the lifetime I have spent in Sunny Walworth I have become fond of it.
Unfortunately, it is part of a terrace that is boarded up.

Boarded Up

It has nice angles and details above the windows. I imagine that when the not at all lamented Sutton and Dudley tenements (build ’em high and pack ’em in) existed this terrace was home to a thriving row of shops. Not now.

Squatters’ Pink

I don’t know whose decision it was to paint the hoardings squatters’ pink, but it does the brickwork no favours. Just one sign of life remains.

Sign of Life

Just above the shop that used to be the newsagents. It must be quite strange living there. No noise form the immediate neighbours at least.
The next time I lead the guided walk around Walworth this row of shops may have gone, a casualty of commerce and redevelopment. To be replaced no doubt by some shiny new structure that offers modern living.
The Walworth Society is asking people to join them in trying to save the buildings. I’m glad to discover I am not the only one to value them. Governments, local and national, like to talk about the importance of community. Walworth’s community has said they want these buildings to stay. Let’s hope local government puts its money where its mouth is.
To find out more, sign the petition and see what else you can do, visit the Walworth Society’s page by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Parade of Shops, Manor Place SE17

  1. Many thanks Isobel for drawing this to people’s attention. You would not think it now but there is an amazing picture in the Southwark Local History Library from 1916 of the streets around the terrace awash with people and activity. Days like that are probably gone but the terrace still has the capacity to play a role as a hub in West Walworth and draw together the local amenities such as Pasley Park and the Walworth Garden Farm. Give the numbers of people who live locally there has got to be sufficient demand to sustain a range of shops whose offer would be significantly enhanced by these Victorian shops with their original frontages.

    Jeremy Leach Walworth Society.


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