Yvonne, Games Maker

This is Yvonne. She is a Games Maker at the Paralympics, London 2012.

Games Maker Yvonne

Travel around London at the moment and you’ll see many people wearing the same uniform as Yvonne.
She is one of 70,000 volunteers recruited from all walks of life who have helped make the games the huge success they are.
I travelled to the Paralmpic Park beside Yvonne on the Javelin train yesterday afternoon. We didn’t talk on the journey; she was catching up on sleep. But once we arrived we talked all the way to the station exit.
She said how much she loved what she was doing, calling the Arena Happyland, because everyone is so cheerful and positive.
It’s true. The place hums with good vibes. You want to capture them ready to release them into the atmosphere all over the world.
When I left for home late last night we had to queue so that the trains were’t overloaded. When the trainload I was with was allowed down to the platform, one railway worker seemed a bit stressed and bossy. We turned our Happyland lessons on her, beaming at her, wishing her a goodnight and giving her high fives. Her face relaxed into a smile, she wished us a safe onward journey and hoped we had enjoyed the day.
Apparently many of the Games makers are going to continue as volunteers in other roles once the Games are over. If they can keep the happy dust sprinkled on us, and spread the word, the Games’ legacy will be far more than just sport.
Thank-you Yvonne, and all the other Games Makers. You are brilliant.


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