The British Museum Guided Tour

The Progress of Civilisation

I’m leading two public tours of the British Museum for london walks over the next few days. The first one is on Saturday, and you can meet me at 2pm outside Holborn tube if you want to come along. The second one is on Monday, and you need to meet me in the same place by at 2.15 for that one. The cost is £9, or £7 for over 65s and full-time students.
You can take photographs in the British Museum so it’s well worth bringing a camera. People don’t always expect retail therapy in a museum, but there are various shops in the British Museum and you could spend a small fortune quite easily. It’s a place where bibliophiles need to be stern with themselves, but you can also buy rubber ducks that look like Roman centurions, funky jewelry, clothes, water bottles decorated with hieroglyphs from the Rosetta stone.
But back to the culture. You won’t see everything in the museum on my tour, it is much too big.
But entry is free, so hopefully, you will return over and over again and enjoy the exploring.

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    1. Yes, the majority of our museums are free to get in, though you have to pay to see special exhibitions. That is part of the beauty of them; if you are in the locality with twenty minutes to spare you can go in and enjoy looking at one or two exhibits.


      1. How lucky you are! Our museums charge a heft admittance fee, so museums remain the bailiwick of those who can afford it! However, our local library system has passes to be checked out for the museums. Except for the Int’l Glass Museum. weird that.


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