Walworth Photo Quiz

OK, here I am being unashamedly local. How well do you know SE17? Even if you have never visited you may recognise some of these places from past blog posts. If you are lucky enough to live in Sunny Walworth, a refreshing walk over Christmas may help you identify any mysteries here.
All but two of the twenty-five photos were taken this afternoon.
Put your answers in the comments box, you can put one, two or however many you want at a time. There’s no limit to the number of times you can come back and add an answer.
No prize, other than the fun. Merry Christmas!


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Smith Square, Westminster, London SW1

Home and warm. I have led three London Walks this weekend; two from the main programme and one of my own from the repertory.
I was early in Westminster yesterday morning so strolled and took some pictures.
St John’s Smith Square is a well known well loved music venue. Originally a church, it was gutted in the Second World War and rebuilt for concerts.

St John's Smith Square
St John’s Smith Square

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Walworth Cats

I’m slightly off piste here, but in the last week I have met two cats who have taken positive action towards organising their days.
First Buster. Beautiful, black and white, huge and comfortably asleep here in his own box.


Buster has adopted the Atelier de Couture in Peacock Yard. It says much for Linda’s forbearance that he is allowed there, and has his own box, despite sitting on her creations. Apparently Buster’s home has three young children in it, so he daylights to the quiet of the workshop.
I met second cat today. I was on the other side of the Walworth Road divide, in Stead Street. As I approached the newsagent’s I saw a large, and I do mean large, ginger cat sitting in the window. Such an opportunity was not to be missed. I went in. The people working there explained that the cat, called Gizmo, spends his days with them and then goes home. He obviously loves the company, and has bonded with the shop people. They said his name and he rushed to the counter. That’s when I realised what a big tum he has. Maybe his owners put him out for the day in the hope that he’ll run about and reduce his waistline. If so, it’s not working.
Gizmo, A Big Boy
Gizmo, A Big Boy

I don’t know the name of the third cat who came to say hello in Liverpool Grove. But I reckon she could take some tips from Buster and Gizmo unless she gets her own front door key soon. I think she thought I might be able to open the door. Oh I’m calling her she because she was wearing a very long, very pink collar.
Let Me In
Let Me In

Wild and Wonderful Women of Southwark

Fair Maids, Feminists and Philanthropists. It’s a walk that corrects the balance.


The stars wear petticoats, not pantaloons. Women may not apear as often as men in the history books, but that doesn’t mean they have been sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. Far from it. Knitting up a storm more like. From princesses to prostitutes, they have made their mark and shaped the world we live in today. Some have relied their looks, others their wit. Continue reading “Wild and Wonderful Women of Southwark”

The London Eye in Pictures (And a Few Words)

A postcard collection of Eye photos.
It was only supposed to be a temporary attraction, but its popularity has meant that twelve years on it’s still a London fixture attracting more visitors each year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza.
There are thirty-two pods representing the thirty-two London boroughs, but they are numbered one to thirty-three; thirteen is missing. Don’t expect a fairground ride on the Eye, it travels at a very genteel speed, and a ride lasts about thirty minutes and on a clear day the views are stunning. I especially like the way that the bends of the Thames become clear, something that is hard to appreciate from the ground, and it’s fun as you rise to see more and more of London come into view; St James Park, the Wembley Arches, the Crystal Palace Mast. Continue reading “The London Eye in Pictures (And a Few Words)”

December is Here

It’s December in London. Cold and bright. Perfect for sightseeing while the crowds fill the shops. Wrap up warm, grab your camera and a hot drink and prepare to enjoy yourself.

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