The London Eye in Pictures (And a Few Words)

A postcard collection of Eye photos.
It was only supposed to be a temporary attraction, but its popularity has meant that twelve years on it’s still a London fixture attracting more visitors each year than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza.
There are thirty-two pods representing the thirty-two London boroughs, but they are numbered one to thirty-three; thirteen is missing. Don’t expect a fairground ride on the Eye, it travels at a very genteel speed, and a ride lasts about thirty minutes and on a clear day the views are stunning. I especially like the way that the bends of the Thames become clear, something that is hard to appreciate from the ground, and it’s fun as you rise to see more and more of London come into view; St James Park, the Wembley Arches, the Crystal Palace Mast.
I remember when it was being built. It was flat on floating platforms on the river. If you travelled on a train into Charing Cross the carriages would fall silent as everyone looked at it.
One night I looked out of my bedroom window and saw it appear above the roofs. On 31st December 1999, the day the Eye officially opened, a group of us stood in my bedroom, champagne glasses in our hands, waiting for the lights to go on to toast the new millennium.
Tonight the Eye is blue, last night it was red. I see it from my windows and at this time of year I enjoy seeing what colour has been used to light it.

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