Merry Christmas

The Shard stands out against the skyline of London like an icy Christmas tree.

In common with other Blue Badge Guides and Southwark residents I am going to have the chance of seeing London from the Shard in January 2013. I am not great with heights, so I am hope I make it!
Merry Christmas to everyone here, and thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. CH is terrible with heights(I know scared of heights and he flys) and he made it just fine up into the arch. I am kind of claustrophobic and you have to get in a little capsule and I did ok too. You will be fine. How fun!

    • Thanks. I was with someone today who has already been up it, and he assures me the lift is not scary, and the internal viewing platforms are spacious and very well designed. He hadn’t been on the external platform, so couldn’t comment on that.
      I had had visions of me getting hysterical in the lift…

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