Looking Around: New Walworth Photo Quiz

The winner of the last photo quiz, This Is Walworth, requested a tricky picture for the next challenge. I hope I’ve found one hard enough for her tastes.

Round Window
Round Window

This round window caught my attention the other week. I must have gone by it countless times, but I had never noticed the leaves and flowers that decorate it before.
However, I have also had requests for an easier picture, so I reckon this one should fit the bill.
Round Tower
Round Tower

I think I’ll leave this for about ten days. I’ll reveal wromg answers, but if you get it right before the time is up, I’ll reply to your comment, but it won’t appear on the page.
Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Looking Around: New Walworth Photo Quiz

Add yours

    1. The second one is the Fitness First studio on the corner of Macleod and Walworth and I am going for a window on Manor Place Baths for the first


      1. Peter, I’ll give you the tower but you are over the wrong shop. The window is wrong. It is a hard one, especially chosen for This Is Walworth.


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