February Walworth Photo Quiz: Whose Capital?

Well done to those who correctly identified the tower on the corner of Walworth Road and Macleod Street above Iceland. It was part of the Co-op many years ago. Congrats are in order for Pete and Father Andrew who left their answers here, Kieran who answered on twitter and HJ&I via email.
This tiem I hope I have found something that quite a few of you will know, without it being immediately obvious to everyone.
Leave your answers in the comments box.


No one has so far identified where in SE17 you can find the round window in the last quiz. I admit it is a stinker, but This Is Walworth wanted a hard one. Therefore I am going to leave it there for a while and see if she can spot it.

4 thoughts on “February Walworth Photo Quiz: Whose Capital?

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  1. Is from the old Sutherland Chapel (now flats) in the shadow of the infinitely more beautiful St Peter’s, Liverpool Grove? 😉


  2. Well done Andrew, you were right! It is the Sutherland Chapel. You used to be able to see the name above these columns, but it must have been covered over when it was converted into flats.


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