Terra Incognita aka The Elephant and Castle Walk

Next Saturday afternoon I’ll be Walking the Elephant. It’s a public walk so anyone can join me for a couple of hours in one of London’s most derided neighbourhoods.
If all you know of the Elephant and Castle is a dodgy explanation of how it got its name, or the view of the roundabouts from the top deck of the 53 bus, this walk will surprise you. I promise.
Victoran Grim

This is a particularly grim view of a well known Victorian building at the Elephant, but there are Georgian delights on offer too, and I am still hopeful someone will be able to tell me why there are sculptures of the Owl and the Pussycat just rounfd the corner from the London icon that is the Ministry of Sound.
There are links to Dennis Nordern, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, even James Bond. And that’s before we’ve started on Frank Auerbach or Buddy Holly.

So join me outside the Bakerloo Line exit of the Elephant and Castle tube station on London Road for a 2.30 start. It costs just £9, or £7 for over 65s and full times students.

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  1. sorry wont be able to join, but my brother lived on Trinity Church Square for many years – and there are plenty of interesting sights in the area. As to the name – I’ve heard various explanations – from the french (Infanta de castille) which seems now to be viewed as untrue, to the Cutler’s insignia, to now I think the general belief is that it was just a creative pub name in the area. Would love to hear your opinion despite my inability to attend. Thanks, Ian


    1. Alas! It’d have been nice to meet you. I need to update my Diary Dates this week.
      As for the name, it was a pub. But I don’t want to say too much here or that’d give the game away! The amazing Stephen Humphrey is supposed to be publishing a book about the Elephant. If you ever get the chance to hear him talk, don’t pass it up.


  2. I joined this walk the very first time it was done and was left wanting more! I’m planning on coming along again this time to see the numerous changes that have happened between then and now. Best wishes, Jo


      1. Cheers! Because somebody showed me this picture and for the life of me I couldn’t place it as being “at” the E&C and it has been doing my head in for a week! Must be part of Notre Dame school. Thanks again.


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