Lost Rivers and Lost Pubs

I was walking along Brook Drive earlier today. I wasn’t working, although it does feature in my Elephant and Castle walk. Brook Drive is a boundary between Southwark and Lambeth, though the Whytefleete, the brook that gies it its name is underground these days. And, as well as being home to Lembit Ōpik – I think he’s still there anyway – it has an appeal to film makers.
These eagles adorn a pub that has been turned into a block of flats. The pub was the Two Eagles, but there are at least four on the roof.

Two Eagles

Two Eagles

I’ve seen it in a French film whose title I forget, but where London is shown in relentless driving rain day after day. I think it also featured in The Krays, but if you can confirm that or correct me, please do.
It has some nice details, as well as attractive rubbed red brick.




Locally more and more pubs are closing, being turned into flats or shops, or even pulled down, all victims of our increasing tendency to buy alcohol from supermarkets more cheaply, and drink at home. As the pubs close we lose community spaces; places where we can meet our neighbours, neutral territory. I am beginning to think pubs need protecting, that we need to support them as community assets and recognise the cohesive force they can be.


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