Walworth Old Town Hall

Today the scaffolding and hoardings are going up following the dreadful fire on Monday. I am a fan of this building and love its details. Here is a selection of photos I took during last year. Let’s hope Walworth’s Old Town Hall will soon be restored to its former beauty.

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  1. I was very saddened to read your posting about this yesterday as I had visited this treasure following the Kennington / Walworth walk and liked it very much. I applaud collections from enthusiasts outside of academia that recognise merit in the curious or everyday. I also hope it will be restored for everyone to enjoy.


    1. Hi Linda, yes it is awful what has happened. I have not taken any photos of the poor roof, but may steel myself in a day if so. A wonderful collection housed in a wonderful building.


    1. Not yet. Keep an eye on @SE1 and @SE17. Fear the worst and hope for the best. There is a volunteer list being drawn up. I’ll find the link to the twitter account.


  2. It continues to surprise me that something as simple and elemental as fire can completely disrupt and destroy what we think is our ordered modern universe. Not just the old days – of the Great Fire in London or in my location the Earthquake and Fire – but even today. Where we prefer to think such things don’t happen anymore. And then they do.

    The loss is so devastating – singular objects we always thought would be there evaporate.
    Which is better? Reconstruct or recreate?


    1. Yes, and today when I stopped to look at the damage and take some photos, there was a workman smoking a cigarette while the scaffolding and netting went up. It seemed more than inappropriate. The interior of the building has, by all accounts been very badly damaged, so it is the exterior that will be saved if it is viable, and it certainly looks it. So we don’t have to worry about the reconstruct v recreate from that point of view. I suspect there are already discussions about how to plan a new interior.


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