Easter Walworth Photo Quiz

It was going to be a trinity, but it has ended up as six. Put your answers in the comments box, clockwise from top left. I’ll leave it open for a week or so. Most are easy. Just one stinker.

Let’s rejoice that Walworth is sunny, though cold, this Easter, and celebrate our neighbourhood.


12 thoughts on “Easter Walworth Photo Quiz

  1. not sure on your sequence, but starting top left, clockwise:
    Heygate Estate, The Cuming Museum, Pasley Park (Sturgeon Rd entrance), somewhere at Heygate Estate (wild guess – Walworth Castle?), Saint Peter’s church, Pullens Yards Studios.

    • Four out of six! Not the Cuming Museum (or the Old Town Hall) and Walworth Castle is accessible and not on the Heygate.
      Well done! How do you know Sunny Walworth?

      • My brother lived on Trinity Church Sq in Borough – not far from there for many years and I still visit that area often. FYI – you motivated me to post my own little photo challenge – just went live 🙂

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