Tours of the Houses of Parliament

Parliament returns tomorrow to debate the situation in Syria. Politicians are due to resume next week anyway, and gradually the buildings have shed their holday mood and are gearing up for the new term. We were spotting members of the Lords and the Commons throughout the day.

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Parliament, Leafleting and Behçet’s Disease

Back in guiding mode after a short break, and my week seems fairly divided between tours of parliament and work for London Walks.

I had a bit of free time in parliament today, so headed outside to leaflet passers by. Some people ignore you, others smile and shake their heads, some walk by and then come back, quite a few take a leaflet and ask questions.

It was encouraging back inside to see some of them enjoying tours.

Parliament doesn’t make any money from the tours. The charge – £16.50, and £14.00 concessions – covers the costs of administration, guides fees, security and so on. Nor is parliament allowed to advertise the tours in listing magazines or with, say, a banner. Most visitors come because they know someone else who has visited and enjoyed it. Therefore the leafleting job is quite important for raising awareness. It can also be a nice way of meeting people.

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