Tours of the Houses of Parliament

Parliament returns tomorrow to debate the situation in Syria. Politicians are due to resume next week anyway, and gradually the buildings have shed their holday mood and are gearing up for the new term. We were spotting members of the Lords and the Commons throughout the day.

Soon the recess tours will end, though the Palace of Westminster will continue to offer Blue Badge guided tours on Saturdays throughout the year.
I did one of my last days of the summer tours today. The skies were blue and the weather was warm. Perfect.
If you want to know more about taking a tour of parliament, click this link.

8 thoughts on “Tours of the Houses of Parliament

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  1. Hiya.
    We have our travel dates – last week of November. We two bad pennies from San Francisco could turn up at any tours you have on offer that week with the slightest encouragement . By the way, my Office Brit said he was as proud as he could be, being a semi-permanent ex-pat, at the House discussion of Syria this week. May we give him something to be equally proud of in the country of his current residence.



    1. Hi Kathy. Just watched the news. Interesting times.
      I don’t know if I shall be in parliament when you come, and I think you have done the repertory walk I do in early December, so I shall have to think of something new to entertain you!


      1. Yes – we’ve done the lovely Walworth Walk in several types of weather.

        We’ll be in London Tuesday through Saturday. Making a slight sojourn prior to check out some Mitford relicking, if I can call it that. Not quite like relic mongering in Italy but I confess with the same detective sense. Decca Mitford was a local hero in our town, so we’d like to check out her first neighborhood.

        And if not this trip, there will certainly be another.


      1. We shall be up in the air on the 23rd. In the city on the 26th to 30th. Looks like it will be a miss this year unless you want to meet up on a street corner and make a deal on that sweet, sweet kitty calendar.


  2. Should you ever come our way we will cook up a special Walk just for you about Decca and the SF Bay Area. But given the size of territory it might be more of a coach tour. How could we miss the Petaluma chicken farmers she solicited for an organizing dinner with the tag line of “Do Come!”


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