Walking the Elephant, Saturday 28th September

I snapped this picture of Boris Johnson outside the Elephant and Castle shopping centre in March 2012.

 Boris at the Elephant

Boris at the Elephant

He didn’t seem to be courting publicity as I didn’t see him astride the elephant statue a few minutes later.
He is yet to come on one of my walks, but who knows, maybe this Saturday that will change.
I’ll be leading a guided walk lasting around two hours from outside the tube station exit on London Road (that’s the one by South Bank University) at 10.45 in the morning.
It will cost £9 for adults, £7 for concessions, and I hope, that if all you know of the Elephant is the double roundabout and the mass of traffic, that it will change your opinion about this most maligned part of the capital.


2 thoughts on “Walking the Elephant, Saturday 28th September

  1. Would’ve been funny if he had been sitting on the elephant! What an image! Hope your talk/walk (twalk?) goes well. Are you able to add the tweeting button to your blog and then I could tweet this post? Or facebook so I could share it on there?

    • Thanks, I shall add the tweeting button tonight. Boris was v low profile that day, but a week earlier he had made a very public visit to the Walworth Road, escorted by police, I am told.

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