M&S Walworth Road Centenary Event

Although I am deeply disappointed that manager Malcolm will not be donning a winged collar and dressing as the first manager of the Walworth Road branch of Marks and Spencer did a hundred years ago, and equally disappointed that the rest of the staff will not be wearing 1913 uniforms either, I have been assured that there will be photographs and artefacts so that by the end of Saturday we shall be able to picture more clearly how the shop and its staff would have looked.

Not so long ago, the shopfront had a makeover to come in line with other branches up and down the country.

M&S Walworth
M&S Walworth

I think it would have been rather nice if they had left it as an example of a 1970s shop, but too late now.

You can still see a picture of it on google though. Just click here.

Anyway, we are promised lots of jollity, with tombolas, food samples (at least I think Malcolm mentioned samples, but that may have just been wishful thinking) and goodness knows what.

I am hoping prices will be the same as in 1913 too, but somehow I think that might not be. Here is what the official M&S site says about the company between 1900 and 1920.

I shall take my camera and report back later. It’d be great if they have managed to dig out profiles of people who worked there when the shop opened. How many went off to the Great War? Are their descendants still living in or near Walworth?

2 thoughts on “M&S Walworth Road Centenary Event

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  1. Great post as usual Isobel – isn’t it a pity that corporate image tends to win over the venacular / identity.This is what makes all our high streets look the same. Oh well. I at least have become a devotee of the world just south of the river and would recommend your super walks to anyone I encounter on the London Walks. All good things folks. Linda


    1. Thanks Linda. How are you?
      Yes, it would be good if companies considered the building before changing the signage. So many attractive buildings are contradicted by their signs.


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