The Lord Mayor’s Show

It’s the weekend of the Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London. The new Lord Mayor, solicitor Fiona Woolf became only the second woman to hold this office. She was sworn in at the Silent Ceremony at the Guildhall this afternoon.
It is silent too. It was my first time attending. My outfit was not as gorgeous as some there, nor my badge as large as some of the bling on display around various necks.
Photography is not allowed during the ceremony, and anyway, I only had my ‘phone, so I had to make do with these few pictures outside the Mansion House and the Guildhall before it all began.

My favourite is the Lord Mayor’s caravan, incongruous in this setting and even more so beside the Lord Mayor’s State Coach which she will be in tomorrow.
I like the idea that she might set off for her holidays with the caravan bobbing behind the State Coach.
The show is always a lot of fun and money is raised for good causes.
Let’s hope it’s dry weather.


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