Pullens Yards Open Studios

My Walworth Walk ends at the artists’ studios at Pullen’s Yards and usually coincides their twicely yearly sales when they open to the public.
There’s a real buzz this December, and you have one more day to enjoy the studios.
Here are some of my personal highlights.

Linda’s gorgeous creations cost less than you’d think, and you get to meet Buster, her visiting cat, while you are there. I bought two more jars of chatni, which I promptly left somewhere, so need to buy again today.
I am still lusting after a mug I don’t need by Kate Scott; Barbara Wakefield’s delicate music inspired ceramics lift my heart just to see them; Barnaby the beeman is selling local honey; Stephen Humphrey is there this weekend with his new book about the Elephant and Castle; Jam Jar flowers has a kissing tree of mistletoe and a blazing fire; Steve and Sandi will hold you spellbound at 2pm as they explain how they work (you can buy mosaics and cards by me while you visit) and Ben, the only lute student at the Royal College of Music is on hand to play to you; downstairs are some new and gifted woodcarvers.
And you have to go upstairs at Clements Yard to fall in love with Lucy’s fabulous garden sculptures, and downstairs don’t miss Heather Stowell’s beautiful button jewelry or Carol Mather’s fabulous silver animals. Carol’s work is going to feature in the new Paul Smith collection in 2014. Be ahead of the pack and buy it from her today.

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