Parliament Guide Number One

Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower
I have been very lucky this week with my work; indoors when it has been raining – British Museum, Westminster Abbey – outside when it has been dry. Tomorrow is no exception. The forecast is for yet more rain. Some visitors believe this is what it is like all the time here. That, thank goodness, is not the case. Continue reading “Parliament Guide Number One”

A Little Local Colour in SE17

In the middle of winter how wonderful to have a new burst of colour on the Walworth Road.
Lola’s Flower Boutique opened this week. It makes you feel good just to see it. Imagine how good you’d feel with some of those flowers in your home…

C the City Guided Walk 9th February

Last October, when C the City had its London Walks debut, the rain came down in stair rods. My thanks go to the people who sloshed about the City with me that afternoon. However, I am pleased, and not just a little relieved, to see that the forecast for this Sunday is for dry bright weather when C the City hits the street again.
The walk’s theme is the letter C. So bring your cameras and enjoy churches, curious creatures, cordwainers, candles and much much more.

Continue reading “C the City Guided Walk 9th February”

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