Parliament Guide Number One

Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower
I have been very lucky this week with my work; indoors when it has been raining – British Museum, Westminster Abbey – outside when it has been dry. Tomorrow is no exception. The forecast is for yet more rain. Some visitors believe this is what it is like all the time here. That, thank goodness, is not the case.

Watching the rain lashing down this afternoon, I was reminded of when I went to live in Marseille for a year, a long long time ago. It was at the end of a glorious summer here in the UK, and a few days after my arrival in Provence, the rains began to fall. And kept on falling in a way quite beyond anything I had ever experienced.

People would smile and say it must remind me of home. Not really, I answered and bought my first ever umbrella and a pair of red Wellingtons. I wore the Wellingtons today, so they have served me well both sides of the Channel.

Tomorrow I am in the dry again. It’s the Palace of Westminster this time, and I am Guide Number One on the rota. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think.
If you are on one of tours tomorrow, do say hello. Or if you want to find out about visiting parliament, the information you need is here.

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      1. It is an additional course you can apply to do after you qualify as a Blue Badge Guide. I did it in 2000.


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