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May is flying by. I have been out and about, and snapping some pictures of London between walks. Maybe I’ll take some more of the City this Sunday when I am leading two walks in the Square Mile: Roaming Down by the River, and The London Wall Walk
Both smashers in my opinion.
Further details below these photos.

Sunday 25th May, Roaming Down By the River, 10.45 Monument tube Fish Street Hill
This City walk, aka Fish ‘n’ Ships, is one of my favourites and the first one London Walks accepted from me for their repertory slot. So the river is the Thames, the reason why London is here, and an important port since Roman times. I can’t promise any fishing, but you may see cormorants diving for their dinners. We weave east from our starting point, taking in churches and pubs, finding quiet corners in this commercial Square Mile, enjoying the historical and the contemporary City.

Sunday 25th May, The London Wall Walk, 2.30, Tower Hill tube
Another City walk that compliments the morning one nicely. We make our way from east to west, keeping inside the boundaries of the old City walls, built around 200 AD as a sign of the settlement’s prosperity. That’s a lot of history and this walk is like taking a cross section of time; glimpses of the layers from the Romans onwards. Think of the City is time capsule. Although much has changed, the echoes of past people and events can be heard if you know how to listen.

Both walks last around two hours. It costs £9 to join a walk, or £7 for over 65s and full time students.

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