Visiting Buckingham Palace

The Queen is away enjoying the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and sneaking into an athlete’s selfie. She was in london on Wednesday, that I know, because I took a group to the guard change and the royal standard was flying above Buckingham Palace.

The guard change is something that never fails to delight. Maybe it’s something to do with AA Milne.

Guard Change
Guard Change
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Keen and Happy Feet

There are guides who wear high heels to work, and although I amy admire them, I am not one of their number.

High heels and I do not have an illustrious history. Even in fairly low heels I struggle, and have a lamentable tendency to look like Dick Emery in drag. For non-UK readers that reference may mean nothing, but I suspect if you trawl YouTube and search for Dick Emery, Oh You Are Awful, you will understand.

Last year I invested in a pair of Keen sandals.

You couldn’t call them discreet.

Keen Feet
Keen Feet
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