Keen and Happy Feet

There are guides who wear high heels to work, and although I amy admire them, I am not one of their number.

High heels and I do not have an illustrious history. Even in fairly low heels I struggle, and have a lamentable tendency to look like Dick Emery in drag. For non-UK readers that reference may mean nothing, but I suspect if you trawl YouTube and search for Dick Emery, Oh You Are Awful, you will understand.

Last year I invested in a pair of Keen sandals.

You couldn’t call them discreet.

Keen Feet
Keen Feet

But boy are they comfortable. Three tours yesterday and my feet were perfectly happy. Aching arches and cramped toes do not enhance my guiding skills. I have become a little evangelical about my Keens, and regret that I am not allowed to wear them everywhere I guide.

I am allowed to wear them in The British Museum which is where I was this morning.

A member of the group admired my shoes. Thank you, I said, but they are a bit loud. He waved some ID at me; Martin Keen, the man behind the company. How cool was that?

I was so excited I could hardly lead my tour. Afterwards I asked him for his autograph.

Autographic Endorsement
Autographic Endorsement

He also showed me a comfortable seat that you can carry about that is both lightweight and stylish. I was hoping he would forget I was perched on it and it would become mine, but he restored it to his backpack. Alas.

Still, if ever he wants a London Blue Badge Guide to promote the seat by using it around town, I trust he will be in touch.

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  1. I am loyal to KEEN! The Husband and I wear them, all year long except when it snows. Bought my first pair around 2006. That is so cool you met “the man behind the company”. Really, what are the odds of that?


    1. ( was starstruck. 🙂 He was very pleasant. He signed another page of my diary for my friend Octavia who has just bought her first pair of Keens. She si going to frame it with a picture of her shoes
      We were three guides for a largest group. The dlegates had been assigned to guides, so it was pure chance the Keen wearig guide ending up leading the grouip with Martin Keen.


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