Notting Hill

A new walk for me this Saturday – Notting Hill and Portobello Market.

It’s been fun doing the research, as it is an area I used to know a decade or more ago to visit, and I go there periodically as my accountant is just by the market,
but have never really looked much at its history.

I think my favourite person so far is Count D’Orsay, a man whose debts were so huge he had to flee from Paris to escape his creditors. His money problems came from dressing very well and gambling very badly.

We’ll meet outside Holland Park tube station for a 10.45 start. The cost is £9, £7 for over 65s and full-time students.

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  1. That’s a bit north of south of the river. Another one to put on the list. We hope to complete an Isobel Tour Bingo Card but if you keep talking on new territory we shall just have to continue to show up. But sadly not this weekend,


    1. It was fun, and I shall be doing it again. I think your Bingo cards might so far be limited to the walks of my own devising.

      This one is more of a generic one, and a number of people might lead it. Then of course there are the tours that all Blue Badge Guides do that include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich, the British Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral.

      How about two Bingo cards? 🙂


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