Public Walks 29th October to 3rd November

Lots of chances to join me on these fine autumn days over the next week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 29th:
This is London 10.30 exit 4 Westminster tube, described in the London Walks leaflet as
The Flash Bang Lightning Highlights Tour

Old London 2.15 exit 2 St Paul’s tube. This one ends at the Tower, and in addition to seeing the very moving poppy installation, you could wait and listen to the roll of honour at 16.55, which is what I am planning to do.

Friday 31st October:
No ghost walks for me, instead I shall be doing the pub walk Along the Thames starting at 7.00pm outside Blackfriars tube. This is a walk where we stop at pubs along the way, rather than a walk about pubs, if you take my meaning.

Saturday 1st November:
Local London: Denmark Hill and Camberwell 10.45 outside Denmark Hill railway station. So close to central London, yet an area that still keeps bits of its rural past tucked behind the busy main roads. Don’t miss it!

The Old City 2.00 Tower Hill tube, by the Tower Tram coffee stall, a slice of the City, the heart of London, and the chance to visit the Roman amphitheatre to boot. What moire could you ask for?

Monday 3rd November:
The Secrets of Westminster Abbey 10.45 Westminster tube exit 4. NB there is an entrance fee for the abbey on top of the cost of the tour.
The Abbey is one of our most significant and beautiful buildings, and definitely one of my favourite places to guide.

The British Museum 2.15 Holborn tube. Another inside tour in one of the most celebrated museums in the world. The tour includes some of the highlights of the museum’s collection, and is the perfect introduction to this most wonderful place.

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