Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks

One of my friends routinely refers to me as a walking guide when she introduces me to others. It must make sense to her, but it always confuses me. Yes, I do guided walks, but I also guide on coaches. Would that make me a sitting guide?

It’s probably something to do with the general and widespread ignorance about what being a professional tourist guide means. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I’d had to train (the answer is yes by the way) I’d be relatively rich by now.

It’s a state of ignorance I shared for a long time. It certainly wasn’t a path suggested by either school or university career services. I came to it more or less by accident. A fortunate accident I’d say as I love my job. Continue reading “Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks”

No Umbrella Required

More beautiful weather today. Someone in my group this afternoon when I was guiding was asking if this was summer. Hmmm. Not quite. I still had on my coat, and a couple of layers underneath.
But I did eat my lunch sitting in a small park in Drury Lane, between guiding in Westminster Abbey and the British Museum. I enjoyed the February sunshine and the blossom.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “No Umbrella Required”

Public Walks 9th-13th February

London has been utterly gorgeous today with blue skies and sunshine; warm enough to go out without even a coat. Fabulous. What a wonderful time to get out and about and explore the capital.

Tomorrow morning, Monday 9th, I shall be guiding Westminster Abbey. It is one of my favourite places, a beautiful church with abundant history, and a choir that is celebrated across the globe.

John and Peter, Marshalls
John and Peter, Marshalls

We’ll meet at Westminster tube exit 4 for a 10.45 start. Continue reading “Public Walks 9th-13th February”

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