No Umbrella Required

More beautiful weather today. Someone in my group this afternoon when I was guiding was asking if this was summer. Hmmm. Not quite. I still had on my coat, and a couple of layers underneath.
But I did eat my lunch sitting in a small park in Drury Lane, between guiding in Westminster Abbey and the British Museum. I enjoyed the February sunshine and the blossom.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s an idea that it rains all the time in England. Sometimes you see films set here where it is shown raining constantly. As a consequence some visitors believe they are going to be paddling the whole time they are here. Yet London gets less rain than Rome. Here are some figures from the BBC website:

As far as facts go, rain actually falls on fewer days a year in London than it does in Paris, Santander in Spain, and Wellington in New Zealand.

Maybe it is something to do with our national obsession with the weather. we do like to talk about it. Being an island, albeit a big one, our weather can change suddenly. A shower may cloud a sky that has been blue minutes before.
I bought my first umbrella when I lived in France. I was in the south and I had never encountered such unrelenting heavy rain. It fell day after day after day. In the summer it was much hotter than here, but I have never forgotten the misery that first autumn of trying to get my clothes dry, only to be soaked again the following morning. Hence the purchase of an umbrella and Wellington boots.

So by all means bring your waterproofs and an umbrella when you come to London. It may rain. But if the popular conception of our weather were true we should all have webbed feet.

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