What a Pearl

This blog is not about endorsing hotels in London, but those of you who follow my Instagram account will know I have a great fondness for the Rosewood in Holborn.

It’s a place I may meet clients, and if I have a few minutes to spare when I am in the area I will usually look in.

The building used to the Pearl Insurance company and is built on a grand scale, but there are plenty of hotels in impressive premises in London, so what is it about the Rosewood that, to me, makes it special?

Well first of all, the staff. Everyone who works there seems to love the place, to enjoy their work and want to make every guest or passing visitor welcome.

Then there’s the art. All about the place there are interesting and arresting pieces to look at.

Currently there are some astoundingly beautiful sculptures of horses made from driftwood by Heather Jansch.

You’ll need to be quick as they’ll go at the end of this month.



And I have to mention the books. Such a choice of wonderful books of photograohy about art, architecture, cultural icons. Or you could curl up with a PG Wodehouse.

A few weeks back I noticed a dog bowl full of water by the entrance. Can dogs stay here? I asked the staff. They can. So can cats. Being an animal lover, this immediately boosted my opinion of the Rosewood by several thousand points. Though the resident budgerigars amy not quite see it that way.

Then on Monday I met Pearl.


She’s the resident dog at the hotel, a year-old golden retriever. A couple on the staff take responsibility for her, a dog walker comes to take her out, she has the freedom of the public areas of the hotel.

She was outside when I arrived, then came in. She wagged her tail at the staff she knows as family.


Guests stopped to fuss her. She took it all in her stride. Though maybe stride is the wrong word.


There are a few hints about the place that there are one or two canine admirers about the hotel.



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