Elefest 2015

I am pleased and excited to again be taking part in Elefest this year.

The Elephant and Castle
The Elephant and Castle
The Elephant and Castle is, as Rob Wray the founder of Elefest rightly says, one of the most maligned parts of London.
Elephant, Old and New
Elephant, Old and New

If you are looking for homogeny, this is not the district for you. One shop manager at the Elephant Shopping Centre – once voted the ugliest building in London by readers of Time Out – says he tells people he works at the United Nations of the Elephant and Castle because his customers and fellow traders come from such diverse backgrounds.

Whether or not that diversity will survive the current regeneration is questionable. But whatever the outcome, it is unlikely to be Belgravia’s twin.
New Elephant
New Elephant

I’m leading a walk that starts outside Long Wave on the edge of the box park at the top of the Walworth Road. We’ll set off at 2.15, and the walk will last around two hours. It costs £10 per person, payable to me on the day.
Long Wave
Long Wave

There’s no need to book in advance.

I’ll be wearing my Blue Badge so you can recognise me.

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