Bad Behaviours

Snow Hill in the City of London is home to a police station. The City has its own police force, distinct from the Met.

Back in the 1830s, when Robert Peel founded the Met, he knew the City would not accept being policed by Westminster. He was right.

The City Police numbers over 700, which sounds a lot for a square mile; presumably the force is big on fraud. You can recognise it by its uniform; in common with other forces in towns founded by the Romans, the male of the species wears a helmet witna ridge down it, as an echo of the centurions’ helmet.

City policemen
City policemen

The police station is on the site of the Saracen’s Head, a coaching inn. This inn featured in Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby, where the eponymous hero meets one-eyed schoolmaster Wackford Squeers.

Back in the C18, groups of young men known as Mohocks found their entertainment by catching elderly women, putting them in barrels and rolling them down Snow Hill.

It takes all sorts.

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  1. As walker entitled to a concession I’m more worried about the elderly women……….. Hope their decedents are home with a computer game…. Look forward to one of your walks soon Isabel!


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