Two Exhibitions and This Week’s Public Walks

There’s always so much going on in London that choosing what to see can be a challenge. In the last ten days I have been to two very different exhibitions, though both were thought provoking, witty, serious, humorous.

The first was Boticelli Reimagined at the V&A. You may have read reviews in the national press. I loved it. My attention was grabbed from the first room with the range of takes on his Venus Rising. I don’t think I had fully realised how well known this painting is. Boticelli comes over as remarkably well adapted to the C21. As co-curator Mark Evans is quoted as saying, “He goes nicely on a T-shirt.”

It’s fascinating how some images take such a hold on the collective imagination, and the reworkings in this exhibition show the whole gamut, from one I found fairly pornographic, though I believe the label described it as erotic, to Hello Kitty via a dress worn by Lady Gaga to promote a single.

There was too much for me to take in on one visit and I hope to go again before the exhibition closes in July.

On a much smaller scale, over on the Southbank, there is a photographic exhibition called Of things not seen, a year in the life of a London priest. This is a free exhibition and only on for another week at gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, so get your skates on. There’s a warmth about these photographs taken by Jim Grover, and a touching intimacy. It’s a wonderful exhibition that as well as documenting the priest’s life, documents Grover’s growing respect for him and the power of faith which leads him to join the congregation.

Boticelli Reimagined.

Of things not seen.

Meanwhile this week I have a few public walks you may care to join. Tomorrow, Monday 14th I shall once again be heading to Greenwich. You can meet me at 10.30 outside Tower Hill tube by the Tramshed coffee stop; in the afternoon I shall be leading a tour of the British Museum, the meeting point is outside Russell Square tube for 2.30. On Thursday 17th meet me oustide Bermondset tube at 10.30 for a tour of Bermondsey, and on Saturday 19th I’ll be at Monument station at 10.45 for Slavery and the City.

All tours cost £10, £8 for over 65s, full-time card carrying students, and there’s an additional cost of £5.50 for the boat to Greenwich.

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