Walworth Walk, Weather and Open Studios

On Saturday I am leading my bi-annual walk around Walworth, finishing at the Artists Open Studios at Pullens’ Yards.

Walworth Walk
Walworth Walk

Just in case you can’t read the details on the picture, The walk starts outside Kennington tube station at 10.45am, and costs £10, or £8 for over 65s and full-time card-carrying students.

I’ll have some leaflets about the Open Studios with me too. There’s lots going on.

Open Studios June 2016
Open Studios June 2016

The week’s weather forecast shows an up and down graph; some sunny basking days; some summer storms; some cloud; humidity.

Today we’ve had all of the above already, and it’s not yet three in the afternoon.

This morning I was wondering if my SPF was sufficient protection. This afternoon, indoors, I am watching stair rods of rain which I hope are doing much to replenish our empty garden water butt. The thunder is roaring, the lightning is crackling. Impressive stuff.

I was doing a walk in the City yesterday when the weather was up to the same tricks. It was fortunately a walk that took us inside several churches, and offered other places of refuge. All the same, if you weren’t there, you’re probably thinking you were the lucky one.

Not so.

In our first church, St Olave Hart Street, the administrator, Phil, asked us into the vestry to admire the C17 ceiling and then explained some of the less obvious monuments in the church and their histories. When we left, the rain had slowed, and the thunder and lightning had packed up for the day.

At St Mary-at-Hill, the organist was playing the piano, so I spoke to the group quietly in the vestibule. The organist came out and told us he was going to have a balst on the pipes. So we sat, a slightly bedraggled and soggy group, in the otherwise empty church, while the notes swelled and soared to the beautiful ceiling.

It had more or less stopped raining by the time we reached St Stephen Walbrook. WE were late after our various extended stops, and were lucky the church was still open. But it was, and that strange stillness that comes after a storm seemed to fill the space.

So don’t let rain put you off. As they say in the Ramblers, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

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