The Week Ahead

Tomorrow I am to spend the day in Harwich in the company of the very wonderful Stephen Humphrey, who knows more about Southwark than anyone else alive, and is pretty damn hot on other places too. It’s the annual outing of the Southwark and Lambeth Archaeological Society, SLAS, of which I am not a member though I do occasionally attend their talks.

Last year we went to Winchester, the year before, Ramsgate. Stephen evidently believes a well fed audience is a happy audience, so there’ll be tea or coffee and cake when we arrive. At Ramsgate our morning refreshments were so extensive few of us had room for lunch. The weather forecast is mixed but the company should be good, and Stephen makes sure the coach in which we travel is a comfortable one.

Memorial Bench Winchester Castle
Memorial Bench Winchester Castle

The outing will mark the end of my few days break.

I am back in harness on Sunday with a series of public walks for London Walks, starting with the Tower of London on Sunday morning, meeting at Tower Hill tube station at 11am. Monday and Tuesday I have private groups, then on Wednesday I’ll be at Russell Square for a tour of the British Museum at 2.15.

More private groups and bespoke tours on Thursday, and Friday, and then one of my favourite repertory walks, C the City on Saturday afternoon, meeting at St Paul’s tube exit 2 at 2.30pm.


To join a public tour costs just £10, which must surely be one of the best bargains in London, plus fares and entrance fees where applicable.

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