Coventry Cathedral

Although I am a London Blue Badge Guide, I do get to leave the capital and even guide in other cities and towns.

I should love to add Coventry to that list. Everyone knows how Coventry was devastated in the Second World War, how the day after the bombing that destroyed the cathedral the decision was taken to rebuild.

But until you visit the cathedral for yourself, there is no way to explain the wonder and glory of the rebuilding. Basil Spence created a space of jeweled light that slowly unfolds and reveals itself like an exquisite piece of origami. The finest artists of the day were commissioned to make the artefacts.

The remains of the ruined cathedral stand close by; a poignant, emotional reminder of what was, and a promise of peace and reconciliation, work the cathedral holds dear.

Coventry is just an hour from London by fast train from Euston station.

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  1. While Coventry is still on my list and I hope you might be my guide, I wonder if that particular moment of inspirational architecture may have now passed. Do you see the same sense of acknowledging the past while creating a thoroughly new piece of architecture in other places in London?

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    1. Good question. Off the cuff I should cite the Shard which was inspired by engravings of tall ships on the Thames, City church spires and local railway tracks.


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