Keep Blue Badge Guided Tours in Parliament

Some of you follow this blog because you have been on my tours and enjoyed them, tours that include the Palace of Westminster. I qualified as a Blue Badge Guide twenty years ago. In 2000 I took an additional course and passed the written and practical exams to allow me to guide in Parliament.

However, the future of Blue Badge Guides in this building is under threat. There are plans to replace us in just five months with non-professional guides who will learn a script.
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Princes and Paupers, a Guided Walk in Kennington

Most of my work over the next couple of weeks is for rivals groups. However, I’ll be outside Kennington tube station Saturday 26th May to lead a tour around Kennington which neighbours my home patch of Walworth.
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The week’s public walks, from 13th May 2018

As well as leading walk for families, companies and individuals, I lead a number of tours where members of the public can join me and pay an individual fee. Today, Saturday, I was working in the Palace of Westminster, aka the Houses of Parliament; a prestigious establishment and one that happily kept me out of the rain.

If the weather forecast is correct, I should remain dry tomorrow too, as the rain is due to die away as I begin C the City at 10.45 outside St Paul’s tube station, exit 2. Continue reading “The week’s public walks, from 13th May 2018”

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