Animal Lovers’ London

Leading a tour of Greenwich yesterday I was delighted to see two mounted police officers coming our way. We weren’t in trouble, but meeting police horses on tours, or police dogs, or any horse or any dog has to be a plus.

The officers had ridden over from nearby Lewisham and were relaxed about stopping and talking to us. One of the horses was called Livingstone, the other Young Rupert. I carry packets of mints in my bag for exactly this type of encounter, so soon most of us had rather slobbery hands and Livingstone was very aware I was the keeper of the treats.

Much as people love going on holiday, those with pets often miss them, so having a cuddle with a police horse or a friendly dog is welcome. I’m surprised how many conversations about pets take place on guided tours.

People appreciate how besotted Chris the Raven Warder is with the ravens at the Tower of London. A bond with an animal is precious.

So unsurprisingly I tell people I have a cat, a very handsome cat called Bo’sun, and that each year I have a limited number of calendars professionally printed of him. Some are for friends and relatives, some I sell. Much as I should like Bo’sun to earn me my living, the price I sell them for is to cover my costs, not for profit.

Oh how handsome

If anyone would like to buy one of these calendars please contact me via this page. They cost £8.50 plus postage, that’s £2.50 for the U.K., £4.50 for Europe, £5.50 for the US and Canada, £6.00 for Australia and New Zealand. You can pay me via PayPal.

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