Denmark Hill and Camberwell

Denmark Hill and Camberwell are adjoining neighbourhoods in South London. Once an area known for market gardening, and royal hunting grounds, it has now been extensively built on. But there are secret places behind the scenes, and the not-at-all-secret jewel that is Ruskin Park.

The Pond, Ruskin Park
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A New World

Despite having no paid work or income at the moment I am still keeping myself busy working on projects which I hope will bear fruit in a future where we are allowed out and about once more. Obviously there’s the podcasting where I have dipped my toe, but I am also revising notes, starting to research via the internet walks and tours I shall be able to offer when we are out of lockdown.

The Thames and Tower Bridge under Grey Skies[/caption]

Who knows how tourism will look in twelve months time? This may be the start of a completely different way of doing things. That is exciting as well as daunting. Continue reading “A New World”

Podcast: C the City!

While we are in lockdown here in London, I thought I’d try my hand at some podacasting. My cat was keen to join in, so it took several attempts to get something I could post! definitely more practice and skill with the cutting tool needed!

So I hope you enjoy it, tomorrow I mean to do another one about Denmark Hill and Camberwell where I was due to lead a walk in the morning. Continue reading “Podcast: C the City!”

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