Guide About Town

Whether you are looking for a bespoke tour of a famous landmark, a guided walk to celebrate a birthday (perhaps with a pub or two along the route!) or other social occasion, you have reached the right page; congratulations!

My name is Isobel I guide in both French and English. I am an award-winning London Registered Blue Badge Tourist Guide. That means I am a professional, trained guide. Like many of my colleagues I am passionate about London and ever so slightly obsessed.

I guide in all the must see sites; places like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, the Palace of Westminster. Let me take you around the known and lesser known parts of the capital; the side streets, the hidden places, the areas that are not in the guide books.

You can book me for a specific tour; ask me to create a bespoke one; enjoy a tour with friends and family, or bond with work colleagues, perhaps calling in at a pub or three as we go. If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this page or tweet me @guidedbyisobel and I’ll get back to you.

Often I lead walks for a company called London Walks. Individuals turn up at the meeting point and pay for the walk. They do not need to book.

Half day tours start from £160.00, see the Association of Professional Tourist Guides here for further deatils.


20 thoughts on “Guide About Town

    • Thank you. I have a particular interest in Brunswick Park as my father was born in Brunswick Square.
      Next weekend I am leading a public walk in the City. I’ll post about it soon.

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  2. Hi Isobel!!

    My name is Laura and I am a Programme Manager for the American Institute for Foreign Study and I have a group that would be coming to London in May 2014 and are very keen to take part in your Fair Maids, Feminists and Philanthropy tour. Would I be able to book a private tour with you for this group of approx 10 students and 2 professors?

    Looking forward to hearing from you – thanks!!

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