Updates, Flowers and This Week’s Public Walks

My thanks to Kathy for reminding me that I needed to update the Dates for Your Diary page.

London in the spring is a mighty fine place. Actually it’s a mighty fine place at any time, but the explosion of colour we have enjoyed over the last few weeks has been wonderful.

Flowers are everywhere, not least at Chelsea Flower Show, but fear not if you don’t have tix, there are lots of fab alternatives including Vauxhall, Mayfiar and Walworth:

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Public Walks Easter Monday to 9th April 2015

I am going to skip out of London for a few days at the end of the week. Well, that’s the plan anyway. It’s been quite a busy Easter work wise, and tomotrrow I shall again be enjoying the delights of SE10, or Greenwich to the uninitiated. And if you are one of the latter, really it is something you should address.
[/caption]Royal Steps
Years before it ever occurred to me to become a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and submit myself to the gruelling two years’ training, I fell in love with Greenwich. Come with me tomorrow, and I think you’ll quickly understand why.

We travel by boat, a short but near perfect cruise that lasts around twenty five minutes.

Meet me at Tower Hill for 10.30 by the Tower Hill Tram Coffee Stop.

Wednesday I shall spend in the City. First of all guiding the Tower of London, so all you Wolf Hall fans – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – prepare to tread in the steps of Anne Boleyn and Cromwell.

The meeting point is again Tower Hill. Again we meet at Tower Hill Tram Coffee Stop, but this time at 11.
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Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks

One of my friends routinely refers to me as a walking guide when she introduces me to others. It must make sense to her, but it always confuses me. Yes, I do guided walks, but I also guide on coaches. Would that make me a sitting guide?

It’s probably something to do with the general and widespread ignorance about what being a professional tourist guide means. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I’d had to train (the answer is yes by the way) I’d be relatively rich by now.

It’s a state of ignorance I shared for a long time. It certainly wasn’t a path suggested by either school or university career services. I came to it more or less by accident. A fortunate accident I’d say as I love my job. Continue reading “Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks”

Public Walks 9th-13th February

London has been utterly gorgeous today with blue skies and sunshine; warm enough to go out without even a coat. Fabulous. What a wonderful time to get out and about and explore the capital.

Tomorrow morning, Monday 9th, I shall be guiding Westminster Abbey. It is one of my favourite places, a beautiful church with abundant history, and a choir that is celebrated across the globe.

John and Peter, Marshalls
John and Peter, Marshalls

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The Week in Walks 26th January – 1st February

Just four public walks in the diary for the coming week.

Working Vessel
Working Vessel

First up, I’m back in Greenwich Monday morning, and hoping to be able to loiter for a while at the end of my tour to take some photographs and enjoy the ambience. Although well connected to central London, Greenwich has a different pace. It’s a splendid spot to spend time no matter what season.

We meet at Tower Hill tube by the Tram Car coffee stop for 10.30. It’s a boat ride to Greenwich, and a great opportunity for to photograph London from the river.
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Public Walks 12th-17th January

A very Happy New Year to everyone.

One of this year’s resolution’s should be to keep up to date with this blog, I am sure there will be gaps; moments when days stream by without me putting up a fresh post.

But not this week.

So tomorrow kicks off with a Greenwich tour. We meet at 10.30 at Tower Hill tube tram coffee shed, and then travel the Royal way – by river – to Greenwich pier. Wrap up warmly as it is colder on the river than you might expect, though hot chocolate is available on the boat.
Tomorrow afternoon I am guiding the British Museum. Meet me outside Holborn tube for 2.15. We’ll be seeing some of the highlights of the museum’s collection, including the Rosetta Stone and the Sutton Hoo ship burial.
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Public Walks 29th October to 3rd November

Lots of chances to join me on these fine autumn days over the next week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 29th:
This is London 10.30 exit 4 Westminster tube, described in the London Walks leaflet as
The Flash Bang Lightning Highlights Tour

Old London 2.15 exit 2 St Paul’s tube. This one ends at the Tower, and in addition to seeing the very moving poppy installation, you could wait and listen to the roll of honour at 16.55, which is what I am planning to do.

Friday 31st October:
No ghost walks for me, instead I shall be doing the pub walk Along the Thames starting at 7.00pm outside Blackfriars tube. This is a walk where we stop at pubs along the way, rather than a walk about pubs, if you take my meaning.
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C the City Guided Walk 9th February

Last October, when C the City had its London Walks debut, the rain came down in stair rods. My thanks go to the people who sloshed about the City with me that afternoon. However, I am pleased, and not just a little relieved, to see that the forecast for this Sunday is for dry bright weather when C the City hits the street again.
The walk’s theme is the letter C. So bring your cameras and enjoy churches, curious creatures, cordwainers, candles and much much more.

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