Public Walks 10th to 17th November

I’ll ‘fess up; I forgot to say that I was doing the Greenwich walk yesterday. However, I shall be leading it prett often over the next few months, as well as the Bermondsey walk, so I shall add those into Dates for Your Diary.

This Saturday 15th November it’s your once in six month chance to join me on the public Vauxhall tour, Viva Vauxhall!

Vauxhall is so much more than a transport hub and multi-lane pedestrian nightmare. Think Lily Savage, pleasure gardens, James Bond, community spirit, hymns ancient and modern. Throw in a garden designed with the help of Dan Pearson, mosaics hidden in railway arches, alpacas, and cake, yes lots of cake. Or Welsh rarebit and real tea served in cosy-covered teapots. Yum!

We meet at 10.45 outside Vauxhall tube, exit 2.James Bond logo

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