Yvonne, Games Maker

This is Yvonne. She is a Games Maker at the Paralympics, London 2012.

Games Maker Yvonne

Travel around London at the moment and you’ll see many people wearing the same uniform as Yvonne.
She is one of 70,000 volunteers recruited from all walks of life who have helped make the games the huge success they are.
I travelled to the Paralmpic Park beside Yvonne on the Javelin train yesterday afternoon. We didn’t talk on the journey; she was catching up on sleep. But once we arrived we talked all the way to the station exit.
She said how much she loved what she was doing, calling the Arena Happyland, because everyone is so cheerful and positive. Continue reading “Yvonne, Games Maker”

Trafalgar Square

The Mall is still closed, but you can walk a few yards into it and look out at Trafalgar Square through Admiralty Arch.

Admiralty Arch from The Mall

Nelson no longer has a Union flag on his hat, but I think they must have taken the opportunity to give him a quick wash when they removed it.
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London 2012: Just Brilliant

OK, I’ve not made it into any of the official venues yet, but I have watched more television in the last week than in the previous six months. I have tickets for the Paralympics at the end of the month and I am happy with that.

The atmosphere in London is amazing. Everyone is talking about the Olympics. In the local supermarket the other day a customer was chatting with a member of staff about the Opening Ceremony. Yesterday, my Southwark Olympic badge was admired and we sighed jealously when another customer at the check out said he’d been at the men’s gymnastics. Today, as well as asking if I needed a bag, the assistant asked if I was enjoying the games.

Southwark Olympic Badge

Bewilderingly, some news sources are consistently peddling stories of misery around the Olympics. Don’t believe them. Get here if you are somewhere else. London is simply amazing.

I went to the wonderful London Camera Exchange on The Strand yesterday. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and not at all condescending. Again, talk was about the Olympics. Yes, someone was getting frustrated at the difficulty of getting tickets, but part of that frustration is because we all want to be there, take part in some small way. Even if it’s just in a taxi.

Olympic Sponsorship Taxi

Unlike some other shops, the London Camera Exchange has seen an increase in custom which staff put down to first the Jubilee, which now seems like a warm up act, and now the Olympics.

The theatres which were quiet last week are filling up again. I loved the attitude of the people who said they had wanted tickets for the games, but when they couldn’t get them, decided to go to the theatre. That’s the beauty of London; there is always so much to do.

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