Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks

One of my friends routinely refers to me as a walking guide when she introduces me to others. It must make sense to her, but it always confuses me. Yes, I do guided walks, but I also guide on coaches. Would that make me a sitting guide?

It’s probably something to do with the general and widespread ignorance about what being a professional tourist guide means. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I’d had to train (the answer is yes by the way) I’d be relatively rich by now.

It’s a state of ignorance I shared for a long time. It certainly wasn’t a path suggested by either school or university career services. I came to it more or less by accident. A fortunate accident I’d say as I love my job. Continue reading “Being a Guide and This Week’s Public Walks”

City Views

May is flying by. I have been out and about, and snapping some pictures of London between walks. Maybe I’ll take some more of the City this Sunday when I am leading two walks in the Square Mile: Roaming Down by the River, and The London Wall Walk
Both smashers in my opinion.
Further details below these photos.

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Done Shopping, Come Roaming

Sunday, a day of rest. Do you really want to toiling round a hot shopping centre when you could be Roaming by the River or doing the London Wall Walk with me?

The river is the Thames, the reason why London exists. This walk is subtitled Fish and Ships which probably explains all you need to know.
The Romans built the first wall, more as a status symbol than for defensive purposes, and we cross the City from East to West within its boundaries.

It’s not a hard choice now is it?
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