Updates, Flowers and This Week’s Public Walks

My thanks to Kathy for reminding me that I needed to update the Dates for Your Diary page.

London in the spring is a mighty fine place. Actually it’s a mighty fine place at any time, but the explosion of colour we have enjoyed over the last few weeks has been wonderful.

Flowers are everywhere, not least at Chelsea Flower Show, but fear not if you don’t have tix, there are lots of fab alternatives including Vauxhall, Mayfiar and Walworth:

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Giving Thanks

Across the pond some of my readers are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. I really don’t want to come back as a turkey, it must be a nasty shock to find that evolution has made most people see you as the perfect dinner for family celebrations.
Back in the Second World War this chapel, the Grosvenor, was used by American armed forces vbased in London.

Grosvenor Chapel
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