Walworth Walk, Weather and Open Studios

On Saturday I am leading my bi-annual walk around Walworth, finishing at the Artists Open Studios at Pullens’ Yards.

Walworth Walk
Walworth Walk

Just in case you can’t read the details on the picture, The walk starts outside Kennington tube station at 10.45am, and costs £10, or £8 for over 65s and full-time card-carrying students.

I’ll have some leaflets about the Open Studios with me too. There’s lots going on.

Open Studios June 2016
Open Studios June 2016

The week’s weather forecast shows an up and down graph; some sunny basking days; some summer storms; some cloud; humidity.

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Pullens Yards Open Studios

My Walworth Walk ends at the artists’ studios at Pullen’s Yards and usually coincides their twicely yearly sales when they open to the public.
There’s a real buzz this December, and you have one more day to enjoy the studios.
Here are some of my personal highlights.

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The Walworth Walk: Countdown to Christmas

My countdown to Christmas begins next Saturday 7th December with the Walworth Walk which ends at some artists’ studios, open for the weekend.
En route from Kennington tube we’ll see the City Farm; the site of the Surrey Zoological Gardens;the birthplace of the Surrey County Cricket Club; a celebrated Soane church; one of London’s oldest markets; and much more.

Why fight your way through the crowds in the West End when you can do your shopping in such convivial surroundings, stopping for coffee or food at the Electric Elephant Café, or sipping a pint at the nearby Beehive?

At the artists’ studios, described as ‘seriously hip’ by the Times. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether your tastes run to handcrafted jewelry by leading silversmith Carol Mather, delicate ceramics by Barbara Wakefield or Kate Scott, paintings, photographs, bespoke bikes, rugs from handspun wool, or a host of other delights, you’ll find them here.

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Walworth Walk in June

It is time for the Walworth walk to have its summer outing. On the London Walks programme you’ll find it listed as Chaplin, Cricket and Artists and see it starts at Kennington tube station at 10.45 8th June.
The artists bit is a reason to bring some cash with you. Because this is a walk that always ties in with Open Studios at Pullens Yards. On this year’s flyer they have quoted an endorsement from Terence Conran, though I admit I’ve never seen him there myself.
Walworth could win a forgotten London competition. It is so central, yet so unknown. For those of us lucky enough to live here, it’s a vibrant, friendly neighbourhood.

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Open Studios

Clements Yard

Last night was the preview of the Open Studios. I went by to see old friends and leave flyers for some of my walks.

Starting in Iliffe Yard, I was confused to find Kate Scott’s studio being used by other people. I had been hoping to get some more plates and mugs, and maybe replace the bowl I broke last year.

Being an artist is a fairly precarious existence, and for a ghastly few moments, I thought Kate had packed up her kiln and sought other employment.

Fortunately Barbara Wakefield, whose studio is also in Iliffe Yard, was able to enlighten me. Kate has been commissioned by Conran, so she is a bit busy this summer. Barbara, who has a show in Mayfair coming up in September, makes heart-breakingly delicate ceramics. I rummaged in her bargain box, bought a plate, and resisted these darling little hearts, just £5 each.

Heart, Barbara Wakefield
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