Not One, But THREE Public Walks This Weekend!

I don’t know, you’ll think I’m spoiling you; three public walks in two days? Let’s hit the pavements. Bring the Ferrero Rocher if you like.

First up is the Walworth Walk on Saturday morning, exploring a part of Londfon that has remained remarkably undiscovered despite its central location. We meet outside Kennington tube for 10.45 and finish at some lovely artists studios which are open this weekend. There’s an attendant café, so you can lunch and mooch.

Or maybe you’ll want to leap on the number 40 bus to join me for The Old City walk at Tower Hill for 2pm.

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A Little Local Colour in SE17

In the middle of winter how wonderful to have a new burst of colour on the Walworth Road.
Lola’s Flower Boutique opened this week. It makes you feel good just to see it. Imagine how good you’d feel with some of those flowers in your home…

The Walworth Walk: Countdown to Christmas

My countdown to Christmas begins next Saturday 7th December with the Walworth Walk which ends at some artists’ studios, open for the weekend.
En route from Kennington tube we’ll see the City Farm; the site of the Surrey Zoological Gardens;the birthplace of the Surrey County Cricket Club; a celebrated Soane church; one of London’s oldest markets; and much more.

Why fight your way through the crowds in the West End when you can do your shopping in such convivial surroundings, stopping for coffee or food at the Electric Elephant Café, or sipping a pint at the nearby Beehive?

At the artists’ studios, described as ‘seriously hip’ by the Times. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether your tastes run to handcrafted jewelry by leading silversmith Carol Mather, delicate ceramics by Barbara Wakefield or Kate Scott, paintings, photographs, bespoke bikes, rugs from handspun wool, or a host of other delights, you’ll find them here.

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Walworth Old Town Hall Three Days After the Fire

When I hopped off the bus at lunch time today and dug my little Olympus out of my pocket to take some photos of the Old Town Hall I didn’t expect to cry, but that’s what I did. I was biting my lip, looking at the ruined roof, the sky visible through the shocked windows. How did people cope with the Blitz? Buildings like old friends burned down night after night. The accumulated sense of loss must have been almost unbearable. I suppose that “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be” mentality got them through at the time, but it is easy to see why the years following the Second World War were in some ways even harder than the war itself.
At first sight, on ground level at least, things don’t look too bad, though the sad half open door and the lingering smell of smoke don’t bode well.

Old Town Hall Main Entrance
Old Town Hall Main Entrance

Those lovely details around the capitals have survived, the brick is still a gentle red. It’s when you look up, or view the building from across the Walworth Road that the truer picture is revealed.
Mansard Roof
Mansard Roof

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Walworth Old Town Hall

Today the scaffolding and hoardings are going up following the dreadful fire on Monday. I am a fan of this building and love its details. Here is a selection of photos I took during last year. Let’s hope Walworth’s Old Town Hall will soon be restored to its former beauty.

February Walworth Photo Quiz: Whose Capital?

Well done to those who correctly identified the tower on the corner of Walworth Road and Macleod Street above Iceland. It was part of the Co-op many years ago. Congrats are in order for Pete and Father Andrew who left their answers here, Kieran who answered on twitter and HJ&I via email.
This tiem I hope I have found something that quite a few of you will know, without it being immediately obvious to everyone.
Leave your answers in the comments box.

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