Poetry Bombing on the South Bank

It was amazing. Poems fluttered from the helicopter onto a sea of upturned faces. People were laughing and leaping to catch them.

Strangers talked and shared their poems. There were impromptu performances. The Parnassus Poetry Festival is open.

The Poetry bombing idea comes from Chile. After Pinochet was deposed the dropping of poems symbolised the return of freedom of speech. Tonight in London every poem dropped was in English and Spanish regardless of the original language of the poem.

Here’s how SE1, the community site covered it.

It’s the Weekend! Visit the Palace of Westminster and the South Bank

So what have you got planned?

You could come on a tour of the Palace of Westminster. That’s where I’ll be working tomorrow. You can find out about it by clicking here.

It is a fabulous place, and well worth seeing.

If the weather is fine, you could cross Westminster Bridge and head for the South Bank. Last year there was the huge sculpted fox that caught everyone’s imagination. This year, as part of the ongoing Festival of the World, it is a baobab tree made from bolts of cloth from around the globe.

Baobab Tree

So many different materials, I almost expected to find the one I have chosen for my new sofa covers.

Baobab Tree Trunk

Happy South Bank

Don’t you just love the South Bank? There’s always something going on. It is such a great place to spend time.

Be Happy

The Festival of the World is nicely underway, and deserves better than being rained on nine days out of ten. But rain or shine, it offers more than anyone could wish for. And then there more festivals on top of that.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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