A Spring in my Step

London under snow was beautiful, but I can’t say I’m sorry the thaw has come. It was cold. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now the mercury is rising, the daylight hours are longer, and with the snow gone growth is apparent everywhere you look.
I’ll be leading a number of public tours over the next few weeks, starting with one around the Elephant and Castle on Sunday.
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Oh to be in England

Spring has sprung and April is well and truly established.  It’s a month where the weather is as changeable as the days. Showers, wind and sunshine chase each other through the hours. Trees get greener, more blossom laden by the minute.

It’s a time of hope, of new life, and London stirs like a great beast and stretches towards summer.

Tomorrow, Sunday 17th April, I am leading a walk around Denmark Hill and Camberwell. It’s an area close to the centre of London, but greener and leafier than you might expect. In the past it was called South London’s answer to Belgravia. It was also the home to many German families who had migrated to London, including some of my own family. Indeed my grandparents were married there, and it is where my father was born.

So it has a special meaning for me.

The William Booth Memorial College, Denmark Hill

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March Winds and Photogenic Days

Spring is blowing in on the winds of March. Today, like so many days recently, the air is crisp and cold, the skies blue, the sun bright. The days are gradually lengthening. Perfect times for walking and photography. And even grey skies can make for dramatic pictures.

I usually carry a little camera with me when I am working, and sometimes take a few photos between tours. Even when I am not walking for a living, I enjoy getting out and about, and then I’ll often have my *proper* camera and a change of lens.

Here are a few pictures I have taken recently.

Brockwell Park
Brockwell Park
The William Booth Memorial College
The William Booth Memorial College
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Updates, Flowers and This Week’s Public Walks

My thanks to Kathy for reminding me that I needed to update the Dates for Your Diary page.

London in the spring is a mighty fine place. Actually it’s a mighty fine place at any time, but the explosion of colour we have enjoyed over the last few weeks has been wonderful.

Flowers are everywhere, not least at Chelsea Flower Show, but fear not if you don’t have tix, there are lots of fab alternatives including Vauxhall, Mayfiar and Walworth:

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