Public Walks Easter Monday to 9th April 2015

I am going to skip out of London for a few days at the end of the week. Well, that’s the plan anyway. It’s been quite a busy Easter work wise, and tomotrrow I shall again be enjoying the delights of SE10, or Greenwich to the uninitiated. And if you are one of the latter, really it is something you should address.
[/caption]Royal Steps
Years before it ever occurred to me to become a Blue Badge Tourist Guide and submit myself to the gruelling two years’ training, I fell in love with Greenwich. Come with me tomorrow, and I think you’ll quickly understand why.

We travel by boat, a short but near perfect cruise that lasts around twenty five minutes.

Meet me at Tower Hill for 10.30 by the Tower Hill Tram Coffee Stop.

Wednesday I shall spend in the City. First of all guiding the Tower of London, so all you Wolf Hall fans – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – prepare to tread in the steps of Anne Boleyn and Cromwell.

The meeting point is again Tower Hill. Again we meet at Tower Hill Tram Coffee Stop, but this time at 11.
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St Paul’s Cathedral

Tomorrow the cameras are going to be trained on London for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, and one building in particular will be in the limelight; St Paul’s, London’s cathedral, known especially for its iconic dome.
I suspect attention will be more on those in the congregation than the building, but maybe some of those watching will come to London later this year, and if so, I hope as well as admiring the great mass of the building, they will take the time to look at some of the details.

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